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    Young Guy Fucks Female Dog


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    Azga video

    Uploaded by valdermore · Rating: 4.0 (354 votes) · 224897 views


    i love it !!!!! i wish u r naked dude

    jandi12, posted

    Dogs don't always show when they are in pain. In the wild showing weakness can cost them their lives. The only dogs who nip are those pussy ass toy dogs.

    BangYouLater19, posted

    probably hot enought with the thought of fucking a bitch that he just wanted to get his cock in her without wasting time to undress. the bitch held still for the penetration and finish then wanted to go have some fun or something. good vid.

    castingrod, posted

    If the dog was in pain she would have been nipping at him to get off. When dogs don't like something they are quick to tell you with either a noise or a nip, most of the time it's a nip. plus her tail was wagging afterwards. Her body language was excited. I'm an animal science major and minor in companion animals and behavior.

    untouchablelove, posted

    that dog did not enjoy that!!!

    rikk469, posted

    Dam I need to get a dog

    pimp1545, posted

    nice dog nice boy but should have done it in nude showing the dick entering into the dog puissy

    vigilek, posted


    Makex3, posted

    mmm geil von den würde ich mich auch ficken lassen..

    master_20, posted

    i wanna fuk the guy

    dr3ad, posted

    i cant enjoy the movie

    hubeiaishou, posted

    looked like rape to me .dont look like she enjoyed it at all if you like this vid you are a sick bastard .the girl wanted out and away from the idiot .looked like she was being used as a fuck toy ,not cool at all .

    lonesnowolf, posted

    Loved it! ;D (but i wanted to see the guy w/o any clothes on ^_^ to see more rawrrr-ction... )

    vladmatt, posted


    liujunlijun, posted

    very nice. i must jerking off

    pitorwolf, posted


    gabygza84, posted

    i would fuck my own mother

    Hugedick29, posted

    if this guy does a dog,will he also do his own mother?

    areuup, posted

    i love it

    foxy_jom, posted

    I LOVE IT ^^

    wolvyyiff420, posted

    That white mare snatch looks excellent and clean. That would make anyone want to do a little mare diving! Horses are good, but sometimes a little difficult. However, they can be trained with a little foreplay to take what you give them with no complaint. The color is what really makes this a nice video. The view of the pussy while taking the cock is excellent at times although as the camera shifts the action gets lost. It would be nice if the video cut at that point and simply started again from the low position that it uses at the end. Nice vid.

    outty999, posted

    Fucking amazing, but ya need sounds dude

    PainfulSevere, posted

    How did you fit your dick in her vagina? I've tried to do it and i can't get it in!!! And i've done it to her ass but not the vagina.... PLEAE tell me how to get it in!!!!!!!!!!

    OUIHBIUOHe8, posted

    fantastic movie :)

    SGH-8408, posted

    Great movie. Wish he would have been naked and the video showed him thrusting close-up.

    Cockstrapped, posted

    Was she over 18 ???

    ferd9, posted

    great form but naked would have been awesome! Boycock in action is hot

    Allenhigala, posted

    good fuck better wen in heat

    del555, posted

    I have looked at the comments to this movie and a lot of people said that she didnt like it or rape. Bullshit!When i was a teenager i had a girl and we had to fuck outside in summer winter didnt matter,ever once and awhile we had a chance to fuck inside and Lady did not like fuckin inside she would and was allways ready but she did not like being indoors,same with his girl.

    ydal, posted

    would you Fuck me like u fucked that dog??????? love your motion........ HOT....

    swallowall, posted

    hard to load!

    vfetix, posted

    i really wished the guy was naked

    MurderTramp23, posted

    wow dude i love ur video its was hot that u fucking ur K-9 dog i love it next times with sounds please its turns me on dude thanks tho???

    thisoneshyboy, posted


    ashlover, posted

    that was the besrt....looks like the dog liked it too

    mmmartysheep, posted

    Hot video :) Someone in sweden/stockholm with a dog?

    robban, posted

    friggen hot, too bad couldnt see more of the guy

    breeder999, posted

    This was awesome! Just wish we could have seen more of it, not just the backside of the guy.

    ptsfr, posted

    Wish the guy had been naked....

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Its regular.

    oroblanco, posted

    i could not see it

    sweat_maker2000, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    echt geil....der kerl is ja erst so 18 rum....saugeil....ahb ich gerne live....beide :-)

    GDOGFAN, posted

    haha... show it all man...

    rackie2000, posted

    If you saw.. that dog was not 'running' from the guy.. she was looking for her puppies.. any of you did not notice her swollen milk glands? O.o

    Sylcan, posted

    She would have been yelping if she was being really hurt. Animals feed off the emotions of their humans, he seemed freaked out like someone had just got home, and the dog was scratching more like she wanted to see who was out there. This guy really knows how to move his hips when he fucks--that and the fact that he's young and he's clothed and there's that sense of urgency makes really, really hot.

    DKLA, posted

    i loved this playing as teen also...he did cum fast...hehehe

    GDOGFAN, posted

    u need a better camera angle

    Doggy17, posted

    hey what's up i love that video. this is my msn adamtito2@hotmail.com

    constantin28, posted

    it's obvious the dog didn't enjoy any of it. That's the defintion of animal abuse.

    slapstick70, posted

    i agree better camera angle

    cleo100, posted


    imcool61, posted

    better camera angle would be worth watching

    poundingsystem, posted

    Er fickt ziemlich fest. Sie sieht nicht aus, als wollte sie ficken, hat es aber zugelassen weil sie es sicher nicht anders kennt. Ob er sie immer noch fickt ?

    nightglow, posted

    Is ziemlich geil, wie er die Hündin fest fickt. Würd gern mehr davon sehen. Ob die Hündin noch existiert ?

    nightglow, posted

    its normal to escape...after the pleasure...the dog could have made her way not to be fucked...but while in progress, you can see she liked it too...until the cumming, of course, guy's thing got very2 hard inside...and wonders what happened...but definitely liked the fuck...

    yellowjellyb82, posted

    ich kenne den typen der dort fickt. Gibt noch ein paar weitere, wo er dann von seinem rüden ran genommen wird. ^^ zum Zeitpunkt dieses Vids war er 15 Jahre.

    Bentros, posted

    Sehr geil wie der Junge die enge Muschi fickt und er hat sicherlich auch abgespritzt so wie es aussah oh man wäre gerne dabei gewesen und hätte es gefilmt und mehr gesehen...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    My bitch will try an hump me moments before acting just as such. She was fine, notice the swaying tail. :) And that wasnt anal. Watch the begining move closely. A canines anus is basicly RIGHT under the tail, at the base. That was vaginal intercourse with a female dog. ^^

    industrialcanid, posted

    Very hot vid....!

    EdgarFitz, posted

    Dobermann63 has never seen an orgasm dance before. lol

    driftfox, posted

    Wow, can you say rape? I'd bet she is a 'borrowed/stolen' neighbors 'pet'. The dead giveaway is how she became panicked while looking for an escape route. She might have preferred a good dinner and a movie first. Followed up with a couple of drinks at her place. Pure rape, nothing makes me sadder. Why not try to spend some quality time with her and get to know each other better. Who knows you might just learn what love is all about. It certainly improves the quality and quality of the shared sexual experience.

    Dobermann63, posted

    the guy came just before the bitch started looking back :)

    zndxxx, posted

    alguien quisiera compartir su mascota conmigo..somebody want to share their pet with me...germanpuac@yahoo.com

    robertito09, posted

    oh shit! somebody is comming!! schade, er wurde bestimmt gestört und konnte nicht kommen in ihre pussy!! like to watch. awesome, ich must cum!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    Mmmm. Fuckkkk. I'm all wet now. Come fuck mee.

    MissRockSocks, posted

    Looks like my bitch when she really really really needs to go out n' pee... :)

    Herix, posted


    exceteris_6, posted

    aww why didnt you show your cock?? and show you cumming in her?? next time do that

    crazynight911, posted

    q ijuputa ^^!!!

    chesben, posted

    young guy ya!!!! but looks like hes been fucking for years.

    blackinwhite50, posted

    nice quick fuck....ok maybe not nice..ahhhreal quick fuck....the bitch tolerated it..he was holding her fur at first then her hindquarters,much like a male dog would do. I really think the guy cummed inside her,thats why if ya noticed he was gradualy slowing down fucking her...because he ejaculated...u idiots..

    kocksnot, posted

    i like this vid. thanks for posting

    x-man9, posted

    fucking awesome dude one of the best vids on here ^.^

    wolfdog098, posted

    She's just had babies?

    ncdolov, posted

    que video tan caliente ojala subas mas hazlo sin prisa para que la perra se acostumbre

    morbozoo, posted

    Personally I love this video, I adore German Shepards; I'm hoping to get one myself. Lol You probably won't catch me on here with him though. Your dog seems a little tense but most dogs like her are, she didn't really seem scared to me or anything. You could perhaps be a little more gentle, pet her? I like our you kept your clothes on. x3

    WolfTied, posted

    I love that he is clothed, myself. Like a quickie while in a hurry or something :). Simply awesome.

    Pet_Lover1987, posted

    Awesome video - totally hot - be better if the lad was naked ... nice bit of anal ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    made me a bit uncomfortable to see the dog trying to "escape" the situation!!

    tan69, posted

    exelente el video espero que suvas mas man

    luis1972, posted

    he stop fucking her cause someone is coming

    k9doglover, posted

    Extremely hot (well except the ending).

    farmcowboy, posted

    very good thank you

    bigdogontop, posted

    did he cum in her

    zip, posted

    I guess your right about male dogs and such doing that. (And I said pulling her tail, which I know dogs dislike.) I don't know, as humans I believe we have the choice not to be so tactless about it, I see plenty of good video's where the man takes time to please, pet and pamper his female, before doing anything to her. This video still hits a sour note with me.

    Ionwolf, posted

    IMHO, if she really, really, didn't want him to do that, she'd turn around and bite his dick off. And if he was hurting her, she'd do the same, or at least be crying. Honestly, I've seen bitch-dogs have this similar "unenthusiastic" demeanor when bred with other male-dogs. They act like they'd prefer not to fuck... but will tolerate it. Also, (sometimes,) male dogs will bite the back of their bitches' neck to show superiority. Compared to that, holding her legs isn't so bad.

    Sergei777, posted

    ... I doubt she wanted the sex either... it's gross to see personally, when he's pulling on her tail, to shove himself in, and obviously hold her from running away, it's not love, it's rape. Maybe some people differ in opinions but I think sexual relations between a man and his animal, it should be as gentle and loveing as with a human. (Most of the male on female animal vids seem like this, it's enough to turn me off of the whole thing...)

    Ionwolf, posted

    I've seen this one before, and I always thought someone came into the house through the front door or something lol, and the dog got excited, as dogs do. :)

    Klozzcom, posted


    bbj119, posted

    muy rico video

    antuanna, posted

    awe.. she was scared... poor girl.

    shortoneforknot, posted

    me encanto el video, q rico mmm

    danypajero, posted

    hot vid...

    dogpussy, posted

    dogs don't like to be closed in. i don't think she had a problem with the sex, just being shut in a room.

    dvleone, posted

    i like this vid. thanks for posting.

    dvleone, posted

    I don't think she was really into that, she really wantec to escape after words

    k9biguy2266, posted

    hi guy goes in deep as the bitch enjoys him he strokes longer and longer getting more passionate with every thrust the dog seems to be ebjoying it she waits there patiently taking it in just relaxing and enjoying her master going deeper and deeper you see the dog fight slightly then relax as he enters he dominates her by holding her in place sliding in deeper and deeper forceing her to enjoy everything hes doing to her great scene with pussy pounding he looks as though hes enjoying himself he and tht bitch alone giving him pleasure he slides his cock in deeper and deeper every second

    3770, posted

    this movie is a must see. the dog's lover takes her from behind and grinds into her moist wet pussy. you can see the man's fat juicy hard cock going in and out of the dog's fury, swollen cunt. the dog keeps looking back at her lover wanting deeper thrust inside her. i wished there had been sound and i also wished the horny bitch had licked her hard lover's cum from his throbing, hungry cock. this film made me one hot bitch in heat!!..i wished the dog's bf would take me from behind and tear my dripping pussy up like he did with hers...

    shormanlarry, posted

    I really enjoyed watching this video. That dog's ass must have been aching... You were moving fast paced... it was great. I enjoyed every second of this video. I bet that the dog's tight little asshole was torn apart by his big, hard cock. I also enjoyed watching the dog run away at the end as if she didn't enjoy it as much as he thought she would. :) Over all, great film. It was amazing to watch. I watched it again after the first, and blew a major load. Thanks for uploading. Cum in that tight, burning asshole of hers.

    poopp, posted

    This movie is awesome, it's hot how he fucks that dog, I was never interested in doing something like this, but in the video it looks like it's actually really pleasant. I would love if the video would be longer, also seeing the guy's penis would have been great too. But all around, an amazing video, it's pretty hot, well taped, it has sound, actually, some pleasure sounds i think that would have been great, but anyways, also it makes you wonder how does it feels a dog's vagina, probably this video will be more fot straight guys, but also gay and bi guys can have fun watching this video

    axel0alex, posted

    after seeing these videos, it turns out it makes me think of the human sex, which is not only a man and his own hands, but more than that with the right animal shall stimulate us to relate sex. even then we see how the animal satisfaction? whether they comply with our requirement to do so. if you see the animal suffer, do not continue is the animal soon dies. if the animal is enjoying what you do go ahead, hope you reach the pleasure that may be more than human sex. but we only determine what is best for ourselves. it may be good here if raping people, better do to animals, whether my thinking is correct? I am not sure for you all. any way even well-being, happiness, perfection, pleasure and all the benefits we want to have. we are the people that no one is perfect. hope you can find enjoyment in the world's most beautiful there. '\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /'

    ximanx, posted

    This movie was freaking awesome. i was playing with myself like i was the only child when i watched this. Great stroke number.!! The thing that got me was when you finished and the dog was looking for a way to get out of there. Like the dog didn't enjoy it at all, like her ass was aching. But i kno you like every 1:49 of it. Because I kno i did, and so did everyone else. Although it did look like u stole the neighbor's dog and wanted to get a quick orgasm in, and wanted to finish before anyone came home.

    Hehehohohahab, posted

    great video love to see more loved it all! I love the way you make it so easy to help me get off from what i love watching. This was a great video and i hope to see more from you as i would be excited to see anything you make as soon as it comes out. Thanks for uploading and helping me get off i love you fucking your dog great video man. A n y one w h o watches t h i s is s u r e t o have a great t i m e in d o i n g so!

    bv123456789, posted

    A good video. Maybe you should try something more hardcore so it hurts a little bit. I've only seen one video with that, and it was like, really good. Try make some more videos with hardcore lovly dick and sex. That would me great. I've a lot of sex with my dog, (Im a girl btw) And as you now, dogs are very hardcore, so if you could be VERY hard to a dog while having sex that would be fantastic! I know i'm saying the same, really many times, and i'm sorry. Be seriusly, i want to see some really hardcore sex. That would just be SO nice!

    Hsxku897anz, posted

    that was so fucking hot. Shove that hot jizz dripping cock up my ass while I come all over myself. What I found exceptional was the fact that he showed the german sheperd bouncing around that room after having some rigid manmeat up her bitch pussy. Wow she must have just had puppies by judging the size of her nipples. I have to admit that this really turned my cock on. the dog trying to get out of the room just made the scene even hotter. maybe it wasn't even his dog, who knows? He snuck in and fucked the neighbors bitch dog.

    swededoggy, posted

    awesome, he is a young teen who is clearly in need of some relief. his ass and dick are perfect and he fucks the dog like he is not home alone. i would fuck the dog and the dude! this video is even hotter because he clearly shot it at home possibly with people around. this is the family dog hes fucking. his jeans on makes it seem even more rushed. i loved this video and will watch it over and over again just for this young stud and his pregnant bitch. watch this video and be amazed. homemade vids are always the best when done right and this was done perfect!

    mrbungle145, posted

    Wow this movie is soo nice, turned me on and made me cumm lol, you have a big cock, poor dog haha how often u fuck that dog? and do you wear a condom? id think dogs cary alot more std's dont u think? anyways, it was a good movie, wish i was that brave haha im new to this site and enjoying it so far, i didnt think there was such thing as animal sex in real life but there is, i'm speechless lol. i dont think i'll ever be able to have sex with an animal like that, but it sure is fun to watch, id be affraid of fucking a horse, affraid of being kicked lol

    countryboy21, posted

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    kkkkkkggggggggg, posted

    This movie was freaking awesome. i was playing with myself like i was the only child when i watched this. Great stroke number.!! The thing that got me was when you finished and the dog was looking for a way to get out of there. Like the dog didn't enjoy it at all, like her ass was aching. But i kno you like every 1:49 of it. Because I kno i did, and so did everyone else. Although it did look like u stole the neighbor's dog and wanted to get a quick orgasm in, and wanted to finish before anyone came home.. all it needed was another angle showing some penetration and that's it and maybe a cream pie would have been nice

    drjeff, posted

    was awesome! was that your dog or did she belong to someone else like your neighbor or a friend? either way, totally hot. i have to agree though, i just wish that more had been shown, like the guy or the front side of the dog. or even a closer view of the action. the video was fucking great none the less and i wish it had been longer. i love watching videos where the dog is bigger or the same size as the human only because it seems sexier. when the dog is smaller it just doesn't have the same feel to it.

    bttm_gay20, posted

    this movie was cool. my first time seeing one like it. i enjoyed it alott. thinking about doing that mself i highly recommend watching this. looks like the dog had no fun but oh well. anyone that is into this kinda stuff watch it. a great video and hope to see more like it very soon. but like i said my first time seeing this kind of video well actualy this is my first time on the site at all. LOVED IT and will be back very very soon. i always wondered if it was possible but now i know. i wish there was a lil bit better camera angle though. all in all a good video and improve on camera postions.

    irapezombies, posted

    This video was so FN hot. It is a movie about a German Sheppard get laid which was so hot I was playing with myself watching this female bitch get laid. The dog loved every bit of it, and she wanted more. I was enjoying every bit of this movie, and i bet you would too. You will be jacking off hard when you watch this video. As the dog gets laid she never tries to get out but just goes along for the ride. You will cum so hard after watching this video, i know i have and you will too. So watch this video and have a fun time watching this bitch get laid.

    bighairydick, posted

    Richtig, richtig geil! Wie er die Hündin von hinten nimmt und sein Rohr in ihr steckt! Und Sie findest es ja noch geil wie er sich in die Muschi nagelt oder vertu ich mich da nimmt der die Anal egal. Auf jeden einfach nur geil! Krass also ich würde gerne dabei sein und Ihn und auch Sie mal so richtig durch nehmen! Aber ist er wirklich erst 15!? Naja Hut ab! Really, really cool! As he takes the dog from behind and stuck his pipe in it! And you can find it still horny as he was nailed in the pussy or vertu me because I take care of the Anal. In any just awesome! Krass so I would love to be there and him and also take really sleep through! But is he really only 15? Well hats off!

    PeterPan92, posted

    This movie was freaking awesome. i was playing with myself like i was the only child when i watched this. Great stroke number.!! The thing that got me was when you finished and the dog was looking for a way to get out of there. Like the dog didn't enjoy it at all, like her ass was aching. But i kno you like every 1:49 of it. Because I kno i did, and so did everyone else. Although it did look like u stole the neighbor's dog and wanted to get a quick orgasm in, and wanted to finish before anyone came home.

    OMG_12, posted
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