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    Guy Fucking His Female Rott


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    this is a good movie---i love the way the dog stayed and took all its owners dick like it knos how dat dick feels in ts pussy.its hott guys yall need to check this movie out n bring along your lube cuz you gonner need it to jack off.+ he had the dog in the perfect position where his dick goes stright in---his licking of the pussy makes it even hotter hmmmmmmm real good one i love it and so will you guys if you look at it.please take time to seat and enjoy this clip cuz its worth it u sure to enjoy this one i enjoy it so i kno u will its hott

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 3.1 (424 votes) · 59314 views



    backetowhite, posted

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    sunmen, posted

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    cold12345, posted

    Very hot video very well made and very obedient girl. Loved it all and honestly wish i could enjoy her like that too.

    zionwolfspau, posted

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    chicoxxs, posted

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    glowstick25, posted

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    SilentFreak, posted

    hmmm It is too dark no Lights?

    DirkPie, posted

    So fucking dark i cant see shit! No pussy, no penetration nothing. Might have been ok with lighting.

    joeninety, posted

    anyone have a pussy i can fuck? us guy here vgl white 32 will travel out of state for the chance.

    nycshaun, posted

    shame too dark

    Chris506, posted

    too dark, too bad.

    catmandior, posted

    shes totally into it. but can you have some lighting cant see anything. at all

    robertBruce, posted

    yea i agree guys shit video quality , but great idea all the same

    lovemydogknot, posted

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    GeileStutex3, posted

    Yeah, would have been even better if we could have actually seen something. Pixelating from asshole to Christmas and nothing else.

    thataboy, posted

    anyone in Indy willing to share a bitch?

    justwantingsex, posted

    wth is this? You can't see a fucking thing!

    Damon253, posted

    any one can give me some tips my feaml god is about to go in to heat

    anubissga, posted

    Anyone in Vegas willing to Share?

    lakecofun, posted

    so how long you been fuckin you girlfriend ? she def. loves your cock in that pussy

    BSJ294, posted

    Hey, anyone in the CA bay area have any animals I could fuck? I'm not picky, dog, horse, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, etc

    KangarooBoy69, posted

    Turn on a light and take off the damn pants.

    Thick169, posted

    got a boner right away... hot fuck...

    indeep2cum, posted

    Would have been good with some light.

    minnie, posted

    this was hot

    inuyasha86, posted

    oooooo so sexy

    hellah, posted

    szukam animali z polski

    dami12, posted

    fucking sick.. some people need some help! animal cruelity

    lyrdaneb, posted

    buen video, se nota que le encanta a la perra

    tsuru311, posted

    buen video, se nota que le encanta coger a la perra

    tsuru311, posted

    i can't even see anythings too dark buddy u need more light ok next video buddy??

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    mamama242009@hotmail.com msn

    MARCIMOX, posted

    any one in indy

    sexybeast24, posted

    how do i get to my favs

    alex.M22, posted

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    summitkid96, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    •Aluzky• Love that he lubricated her and himself.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    nice but to dark suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    Very dark light.

    oroblanco, posted

    i realy enjoyed that. i tinda wish i wss there .

    papers, posted

    good film spoilt by bad light

    royboy255, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    pay your electric bill and you can turn the lights on and get rid of those clothes.

    fredpotts, posted

    more light and a naked fucker would have made this much better...

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    nice sound but to dark dude more please with lights next time please?

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    pięknie ją posunoł

    aknos, posted

    •Aluzky says• Bad light and weird pixelated video. Hmmmm not like much this video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Is there anyone out there in Utah who ALSO found this video extremely hot?! Not from Utah but still want to talk? freak_drink@yahoo.com is my addy. I'd love to chat up so "Animal Lovers"

    dirtyanimalperv, posted

    Bad lighting cou;dn't see him fuck his dog

    Dave60, posted

    So dark, I no see.

    oroblanco, posted

    Damn. t hat was hot haha. and im gay id try that. or at least let the man fuck me too haha!

    BrianPup21, posted

    This is a very nice movie. Great light and the camera isn't shaky. At first you see the guy play with the bitches cunt, who really seems to be enjoying her fingering. The guy then shows his package, which I must say is very nice and has a good length. He plunges is cock into the bitch, plowing her cunt good and proper. As his cock slides out you can see it glisten. Whether this is through lube or the bitches excitement I don't know but it's very arousing to see. A cum shot at the end would have been satisfying but sadly we did not get to see that. Also there is no sound. Overall i'd give it 4/5.

    theedge0002, posted

    not enought light to see anything

    waynebruce51, posted

    The guy seems hot. Too bad it's so dark.

    stateofblues, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    it was very dark cant see shit

    asslick5, posted


    omdaaaa, posted

    I like to make a cow or horse.

    maymua12, posted

    anyone in mississauga have a dog i would love to try ill do anything

    boobsforlife, posted

    Dude, turn on a light.

    Crazy4Balls, posted

    this is awful. The quality is extremely poor and terribly dark.

    joshuasfriend, posted

    seen better, seen worse, not 2 bad ;)

    dogfettishlover, posted

    great gay fucking to dog

    allah71, posted

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

    porn1112, posted

    Could be lighter, could be longer, could be better.

    Scarletslut, posted

    hey did she get pregnant

    balto151, posted

    Selbstredend!.Würde auch gerne an seiner stelle stehen,aber das werden leider nur träume bleiben...

    Wooza334, posted

    Eigendlich genau das, was ich so gerne mal machen würde. Wie schon erklärt, zu wenig Licht, aber beim nächstenmal bestimmt auch besser und Hose aus ziehen . hi hi, wäre noch geiler anzusehen. Wer in Germany hilft mir, dass ich mal eine Hündin ficken darf??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Sooo..let me get this straight....k9biguy2266 rips off dogma and then has the added balls to criticize people who are critical of his rip off?? Like he was the one who shot the action and it's his work they are criticizing?? Am I right so far?? Not everybody gets it right the first time out..dogma did alright under the circumstances..I would have liked a little more light myself, but who am I to bitch...I am in central upstate NY and in need of a zoo fuck partner of any kind except snakes...anybody out there within reasonable distance the might have a zoo fuck partner to share??? Please message me, if so...thanks!

    buggerboy, posted

    anyone in British Columbia? msg me

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    video quality is very poor

    Mafb, posted

    I want to find a guy in Indiana to eat some horse and dog pussy.

    tdvick, posted

    Great vid of guy fucking tight Rott pussy

    Chicagodude, posted

    Nice video

    taozi, posted

    I have been looking for this clip, what is the file called?

    cbmm8, posted

    great video

    Stalker-hard, posted

    Hello, turn light on ,That is a black vid. you see nothing

    ks16, posted

    Der Film ist schon sehr geil leider etwas zu dunkel aber dennoch sehr geil wie der Rammelt von hinten der Hund ist gut erzogen muß man schon sagen vieleicht gibt es ja noch mehr von ihm zu sehen wäre schon geil ein geiler Mann sexy sexy...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    wow Hot Boy, more pls! :)

    Pahrao2008, posted

    Hot video .. my 2 fav combos - young guys dick and animal fuck .. awesome ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    Thanks for the vid, nice dog

    mokona96, posted

    Actually i dont know who k9biguy2266 is, but i did NOT post this video on the web, it shoudlnt even be here. Guess i wont share anything anymore till i find out who this is.

    dogma, posted

    apparently theres an error connection, cause i dont see it

    destro, posted

    Thanks the share, good dog

    realqaz123, posted

    Thanks for all the replies, this would be a video i made a while back. Though i didnt post it on this site.... I had a shitty camera, theres a wall of windows right next to us with the sun shining. So mr "k9biguy" next time you might give credit where its due.

    dogma, posted

    Lol, yeah it is a good video. And dont flame me for this (because I haven't posted my own stuff yet) but it would've been better if there were more light on the action. This is just constructive ctiticism, nothing more. :)

    Klozzcom, posted

    aww the sweetest kiss at the end... hot video too =]

    Brykken, posted

    mmmm....I wouldn't mind standing in for his bitch- Is she bi? does she lick?

    curious_chick, posted


    parsiNO, posted

    Its funny how the people that never post anything are always the most critical, too light too dark, bad angle......, give me a break

    k9biguy2266, posted

    Nice vid...Would luv to have seen a better angle of the stud's dick and the sweet bitch's pussy too.

    sflstud4k9, posted

    good girl!!!

    beastfuck, posted

    Beautiful....absolutely one of the very best...Love the way she is well trained.

    hitmeup, posted

    yeah, lil too dark to see anything really...

    dogpussy, posted

    Seems great...Too bad it's so dark

    snakeman76, posted

    never seen this one before. great video thanks man.

    valdermore, posted

    Only downside to this video is that it's too dark. Black dog fucked on a dark maroon couch, no lights on, guy is wearing dark clothes too...and I wish the guy was naked, he still has his pants on. The dog waits patiently and it's hot, man licks dog pussy before and then the dog licks the cum off the man's dick at the end. Would have liked it if he came in the dog, he moves the camera near the end so he can reach it and it would have been awesome if he had gripped the dog instead of the chair. So hot but you can't see everything because it's too dark.

    CunningFolk, posted

    this movie got my dick hard right away.. I love da way he just licked her pussy and just rammed it in.Its been a while since I’ve reviewed a Lucas Entertainment scene – almost 12 months – after having previously written about them almost every month. If you recall the drama with my Shane Frost scene review you’ll understand why I felt that I wasn’t able to objectively view or write about any scene produced by (un)Creative Director mr Pam. Following the last review I wrote, Pam wrote to me about the harsh things I had to say about her and, perhaps rudely, I didn’t reply because I thought my reviews spoke for themselves. However, I decided I should give Lucas porn a rest rather than endlessly bemoan her destruction of one of the best “big” studios we’ve got. In the meantime, they’ve released plenty of porn, some of which has been pretty good, and some of which has been just plain embarrassing, such as Men In Tights. Some things have remained fairly constant though: the inept camera work which pointlessly floats around filming nothing in particular, and a reluctance to film anus no matter how much the scene begs for it.

    mona69, posted

    this is a good movie---i love the way the dog stayed and took all its owners dick like it knos how dat dick feels in ts pussy.its hott guys yall need to check this movie out n bring along your lube cuz you gonner need it to jack off.+ he had the dog in the perfect position where his dick goes stright in---his licking of the pussy makes it even hotter hmmmmmmm real good one i love it and so will you guys if you look at it.please take time to seat and enjoy this clip cuz its worth it u sure to enjoy this one i enjoy it so i kno u will its hott

    badboy37, posted
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