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    Man Fuck Dick Of Dog


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    A man who fuck the dick of a dog

    Uploaded by devinez · Rating: 3.6 (217 votes) · 103403 views


    fucking nice

    sickbitch123456, posted

    Bi 27 year old male PORTSMOUTH UK looking for first time k9 fun with other guys in same area :)

    bear2686, posted

    Anyone wanna sex Skype just message me I'm a horny 15 year old

    joshfucks, posted

    Yes! I was doing, too... I love it!

    bedrik, posted

    hice esto una vez con mi perro, fue lo mejor, aunque hace tiempo no he tratado de hacerlo y el ya esta mas grande, creo que se me ha ocurrido un nuevo video para subir.

    backetowhite, posted

    ill do u and ur dog babe

    chula666, posted

    nice dog and a nice pair of balls on him 2!

    k9nutzxl2, posted

    god so hot!! i loved it!

    FuckCocksucker, posted

    love sheath fucking,nice cock for it to

    subinboy, posted


    jampol, posted

    me add lelele242009@hotmail.com

    MARCIMOX, posted

    That's his sheath, his dick is inside it, you really shouldn't do that too much.

    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    add me ilove dirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    add: rickpc232011@hotmail.com

    rickpc232011, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    lilaussiedude, posted


    robolette, posted


    decembar29, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Any dog owners willing to help me in London zzuke@hotmail.com I want to do it all

    ianmax, posted

    Odd but hawt

    haavatra, posted

    doing this feelz so good i did it before!!

    mrjuju750, posted

    thats a hot vid!! wanna try this now!

    jstewerrt66, posted

    hey weet je iemand in belgie die dit doet ik zou dit ook wel eens willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    hahahhahhahha this guy is sik.....lolzzzz

    blueapple79, posted

    id love to see, or try, docking the other way around, have a dogs cock in my 4skin and watch it blow up with dog cum, anyone in au sydney with 1 who would like me to try it with their best friend hit me up

    4skindelights, posted

    i want to eat this guy's ass.

    simps18, posted

    Surly there someone that can lend me there dog to get on pestsex Heathrow London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    this si one of my favorite videos...it is so hot and makes me cum...and his cock is so good...

    sebastianamore, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    well fuckin hot

    bootedskinhead, posted

    well if something hurt a dog you'd know, if the dog didn't like it he would probably move, and if it hurt bad enough probably take a bite out of the guys ass

    micapadilla, posted

    when your horny and just wanna get offf god i want to watch

    aaaaah, posted

    wow, never seen anyone dock a dog before.... would this hurt a dog, or no?

    2millionhits, posted

    does anyone know were to get the full vid of this i've seen the whole thing before on another website but it got deleted.

    fatmon14, posted

    very hot

    Pball, posted

    that was hot...wish i culda sen u shoot in his sheath

    curious_man, posted


    djw, posted

    Hot movie, but I don't agree with tama, he should have fucked the dog harder not more gentle :)

    k9bitchlover, posted

    ouch poor dog

    dogluver36, posted

    i agree with tama, you can damage skin tissue that way

    froggy666, posted

    up the ass is where it counts, docking is lame a best. Give me a gay male dog and ill show you some passionae m/m sex

    biceph2, posted

    Docking is so hot, but he should be a bit more gentle :O

    TamaOkina2, posted

    Doggie docking, nice.

    helloitsme, posted

    This was definitely an okay video. It has sound, which is nice; although there isn’t much to hear, it’s definitely preferable to a video with no sound at all. A definite downside is that the video is that it’s pretty short. The guy seems to be in shape and is fairly well endowed. A downside is that the dog is lying there rather unresponsive, but he doesn’t seem to mind what is going on. It would have been nicer if the video were a bit longer, as it does seem that the ending was cut off, but it's worth watching nonetheless.

    sofafudge, posted

    This video is so fucking hot!!!! I just love watching a man fuck the dick of a dog. With it's nice big plump juicy cock rubbing up against yours! AMAZING!!!!! And what a fucking sexxxxyyyy dog too! I have a thing for german shepherds and this one is sooooo sexy! I love how you can see its dick and its plump balls. Oh how I would love to play with those big juicy doggy balls. This video makes me want to find that person so I can fuck that nice sheath myself and squirt my load into him! Sooooo hot!!!!!!

    huntley32192, posted

    It a very nice video that serves its purpose of showing a man screwing his dogs sheath. By watching the video you can clearly tell the man was eager to get into the dogs sheath, but you don’t really get to see the reaction of the dog. This was a good watch, but the quality was pretty poor. There is too much static sound in the video and feed was glitchy. There were moments where the video glitched, causing the view to be obscured. I liked how the video showed the action directly and wasn't awkwardly angled, which made watching this video worth it despite the visual quality being less than good..

    Kittyplz, posted

    i watched this movie a few times theres something about it that i like dunno if its the guy or the dog but i couldnt help but click it everytime it came up in a search list. the guys hung and has a noice cock on him. i'm new to watching these clips and im ususaly careful about what i allow myself to see but this wasnt to over the top or anything like that. i dont actualy have a dog or anything so this is all just fantasy for me cheers for the show man. it must take alot to go throught with these kinda urges and even then to share them with other people who have them same kinda thoughts like myself to enjoy while alone with thoughts in hand lol..

    lilaussiedude, posted
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