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    Fun With Pixie


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.2 (44 votes) · 8164 views


    I like watching her pussy pop when he takes his dick out. Great video.

    doggydoodles10, posted

    Nice movie, definately got my pussie wet!! Shame their wern't no sounds from pixie :-( Loved the man cumming on her arse then licking away his own cum to lick pixie's ashole, very hot movie Jaz (Female)

    Jaz75, posted

    Taint bad. From the sounds of the barnyard, we should all so be lucky to wake up this way. Especially, to those hands, god those hairy forearm...my imagination...it never got nasty to me. Give and take!

    DanMcG310, posted

    Fucking HOT! I'm gay and usually much prefer guys with male animals, but I'm actually finding some of these films of "straight' guys with their mares very horny, I'd like to lick and suck their loads out of those slimy holes, they look fucking tasty, hairless cunts. I think this guy is great sucking his own spunk out.

    keristal1, posted


    fredpotts, posted

    see now it got nasty when he start licking his own cum

    madara123, posted

    what is genuin gay at this movie? I like the adorable soft pussy,would put my finger inside and feel the warmth.

    ninamore, posted

    Cowboy wakes up with usual hard on and decides to go get off by fucking his precious pixie the mare. Rubs his cock up and down that cunt, waste no time and just shoves it in. For three minutes of hot thrusting taking his dick in and out make that pussy contract over and over. He strokes his cock watching that cunt wink at him. After a quick few pumps he decides to get a taste of that juicy wet pussy. This stud goes back to slide the dick in and out of that sexy mare. Then uses his thumb to rub those wet lips as he jacks off a huge load all over that pussy and fucks it a couple more times. After his ultimate release he decides to eat his cum out of soaked cunt. Then spreads her wide and fondles her intensively showing you how deep the cum went. BEST PART OF WAKING UP IS NOT FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP ITS FUCKING AND LICKING YOUR MARE DRY.

    horseoscar, posted
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