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    Fucking Pixie


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    This film features a gentle and patient man pleasuring his miniature mare. Pixie is happy to raise her tail and stands very still as his cock slides into her pussy, becoming shinier and wetter as the film progresses. He gently licks her several times during the movie, and fucks her until he cums inside of her. At the end, he opens her pussy lips to reveal his cum dripping seeping out of the pinkness inside.

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.4 (92 votes) · 9277 views


    Lovely pony pussy, I love it! Hope I get to fuck a pony one day. Is there anyone in Denmark that will let me fuck his pony, cow or pig. I've tried it with pigs and cows too long ago, but miss it much today. (Cows, pigs, horses and goats are also a big wish!) ... Pony Pussy I think is fantastic.

    BFJ, posted

    Hi Does anyone know if the pony named Pixie is the same one featured in a documentary whose owner married her for real like?

    sk1nfuct, posted

    Nice and gentle as you always are. Wish real pussy twitched like that.

    sfm2m1beast, posted

    Good God you could seek shade under those side burns........they are huge..

    Furballs1, posted

    Premium movies with no anal?! WORTHLESS!

    dn19, posted

    Just wondering if mare's pussy is naturally wet and juicy after you fondle it or you have to put some lubricant. And why do mare's pussy twitch or wink a lot when she is being fucked?

    chase57, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    hot i love

    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    i love

    ketankumar, posted

    very hot

    ketankumar, posted

    hot hot

    ketankumar, posted

    100000 i love it

    ketankumar, posted

    100000 i love

    ketankumar, posted

    awsome movie(:

    demonwolf99, posted

    that was hot, would liked to have seen more of the come dripping from the mare

    charlies, posted

    Mand og en virkelig smuk hoppe der har virkelig varm sex. Jeg elsker bare hendes fisse. Hun har sådan en smuk heste fisse. så moden og klar, fissen blinker og man kan se at fissen er lyserød indeni. Jeg kan bare ikke få nok f denne fisse. Hun bare spjætter og er åben for at få pik. Han gnider sin pik op og ned af hendes kusse. Efter få minutter kører han sin pik ind og ud at fissen kontra igen og igen. Efter lidt hurtig og våd parring, beslutter han sig for at få en smagsprøve af den saftige fisse. Går derefter tilbage til at glide pikken ind og ud af denne lækre fisse. Han bruger sin tommelfinger til at gnide de våde læber sammen og kommer med en enorm belastning ud over at kussen og knepper hende et par gange mere. Efter sin endelige udløsning beslutter han sig for at spise hans sperm ud af den gennemblødt kusse. Derefter spreder hendes kusse og kæler hende intensivt og viser, hvor dybt spermen gik ind. Jeg elsker den super tætte kameravinkel fra siden når han langsomt knepper denne saftige fisse og han trækker næsten pikken ud og langsomt og ind igen for at holde sin udløsning tilbage. Fantastiske tætte kamera skud når pikken glider ind i denne saftige fisse Hendes kusse virker meget stram, fordi han skulle give et hårdt fremstød, hver gang han skubbede sin pik ind i hende. Jeg nyder at se mænd kneppe heste, hopper og køer, Hopper og køers fisser er dejlige, og jeg elsker at se, hvordan en hoppes fisse blinker når man knepper deres våde og saftige fisser. En meget god film kvalitet film, god belysning,. Dette er langt en af de bedste film jeg har set.

    BFJ, posted

    This a super HOT and a very high movie I have seen from this site. I like it a lot because the guy isn't afraid to show his handsome face and sexy body with a very nice and big uncut cock. A superb quality with great camera work there. I especially love the super close up shots from the side when he slowly fucks that juicy pussy and pulling it almost out ans slowly stick it back again. It looks like her pussy is very tight because he had to give a hard thrust every time he pushed his beautiful cock in. I think I enjoy watching men fucking horses, mares and cows more than guys fucking dogs. It looks like mares pussy is nicer than dogs pussy. And I love to see how the mare's pussy twitch when he fucks her wet and juicy pussy. well done movie.

    chase57, posted

    This is a very HOT movie. Love seeing that big uncut cock fucking that mare pussy ever so very slowly. Made me cum so many times just watching this hot movie. Really love seeing him licking that inviting mare pussy before he slides his beautifl cock in that hot pussy. A very good quality movie. Good lighting, great camera shots of close up of that beautiful cock sliding inside of that juicy pussy. This is by far one of the best movies I have seen on this site. Please make more and post some more for us to see and enjoy. Just recently discovered this site and I am already loving it.

    chase57, posted
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