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    Dog Cock Inside Male Ass


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    Knot fully inside hole!!! pulling out with cum

    Uploaded by smfit23 · Rating: 4.6 (1136 votes) · 229073 views


    very nice,wish it was me

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    damn, what a lucky bitch

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    This is the hottest movie...I would love to do that!!! God, is this guy lucky! Hot fucking movie! Good lighting, not hurried and all enjoying this one!

    phxdoglover, posted

    i would have liked that to have been me.. with some one there to stop the knot.. or to have been there and mount him after the dog pulled out

    trojanwolf69, posted

    damn i want that to happen to me i only wish i was there to eat your ass hole out and sallow the dogs cum i heard that b4 the dog knots in you the dog cant pull his cock out until he knots off that is fucking hot to have a hung throbing cock pumping dog cum in your ass hole awesome dude i wonder if you had anothere dog there if the other dog would eat that dogs cum from your hole that would be hot and feel good too

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    bellissimo ^_^

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    one hell of a hot fuck,great load from that dog

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    i'm jealously lusting for the it!!

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    god i wish i was that guy

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    yum amazing load of cum

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    delicia de metida...quanta porra...meu cu ta piscando...eu quero

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    Ohhh GOD how I wish I had a dog that could fuck me like that! Imma about to go out and fuck a stray LOL :D

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    soooo fucking hot! would love to have a cock and cum fill my ass up. this is a great clip that will make you horny and hungry for a big cock,dog or man. mmmmm.

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    •Aluzky• Hmmm nice, hmmm I could try make a video like this one with my lover.

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    nice ;)

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    mmm would love to be the next to shoot my load in there

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    First time that I have seen this clil it is very hot love th see knot inside of him with his ass seemintg to love it. Hot Hot when he pulls and we get to see all thet sweet puppy com draining out.

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    best i have seen love the cum dripping oput

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    That is a lot of cum I would love to get that dog to cum inside me

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    i have to say the dog loved it... he was so relaxed..and the amount of cum...wow... i would have soooooo enjoyed this action...shit who needs a boyfriend with a dog like this...he could fuck me in my pussy or ass...his dick was nice i would even blow him for some of that cum. good clear video, wish i knew someone like you

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    mm made me bend over and let my dog take me

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    very hot should of been my ass taking that cum load would of stayed in me foe 3 days in with the butt plug after he pulled out feel so good too

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    Wow, that was beautiful...Complete enjoyment for man and dog! :)

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    a wonderful clip, very much enjoyed

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    I just want to congratulate this couple. i hope that they keep on fucking the brain's out of each other until there is no more seed in that beautiful puppy of love's ball's. maybe they might get lucky and have a litter of puppys together. all the sexy horny puppy needs to keep on doing is flooding that beautiful butt hole with his baby juice and that beautiful puppy and his beautiful man bitch/wife might one day have beautiful puppies that are half human half dog breed. then you both and your litter can look back at this video of when you both were helping to create them by fucking hard and pumping that love hole with alot of puppy seed. then they can see how they were being pumped out of doggy daddys balls and being shot out of his beautiful love stick and into mommys luscious cum hole where you all were givin life. Lol . i have a big imagination. :)

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    that was fuckin hot. give his master. just what he wanted.

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    Geile Arschfüllung

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    mmmmmm FUCK I cant decide who's luckier, the man or the dog. I could wank off to this all damn day.

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    GOD I loved this movie, just how the cum spurts out of the guys ass

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    god damn tell me how you get your dog to dom you like that, i cant seem to get my dog to do it :(

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    im not really into these types im more into calfs but anyways this was actually a good clip.

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